Friends and fellow workers,The campaign to raise funds for the MONUMENT TO THE IWW VICTIMS OF THE 1919 CENTRALIA TRAGEDY is underway. Please contribute here.https://www.gofundme.com/f/centralia-iww-monument-fundAn ad hoc committee of Wobblies from around the Northwest are working to raise funds for an IWW monument in Centralia Washington. We want to tell our side of the story-Continue reading “IWW CENTRALIA MONUMENT FUND”

‘Drive-by Soapboxes’ by the IWW in Bellingham

Whatcom-Skagit IWWs have been standing along busy streets at rush hour to promote the union idea, and the IWW’s brand specifically. We have been along Lakeway, Holly and James. We get lots of waves and honks and ‘solidarity fists’. Sure, a few fingers too, but not very many. People stop to talk to us; weContinue reading “‘Drive-by Soapboxes’ by the IWW in Bellingham”


Friends and fellow workers, The Whatcom-Skagit IWW branch is finally beginning to update our website at bellinghamiww.org. Many links lead to an outdated IWW website so we are fixing those. We will get back to regular blog posts. To learn more about the IWW in Northwest Washington write to us this cleverly disguised address bellinghamContinue reading “UPDATING THE BELLINGHAM IWW WEBSITE”

Union loses at Amazon- one postmortem

There will surely be many analyses of why the Retail, Warehouse, and Distribution Workers Union [RWDSU] lost the union election at the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer Alabama. Here is one very insightful analysis of why RWDSU lost the union campaign in Bessemer. The mistakes made by this union are astonishing; things we learn on dayContinue reading “Union loses at Amazon- one postmortem”

Strikes expand and continue in Yakima Valley

There are now 6 fruit packing houses on strike in Yakima and Selah. Workers at Matson Fruit in Selah walked out Friday AM. Safe working conditions in the crowded packing sheds is the immediate concern, but other safety and wage issues are ever-present. The son of the owner at Hansen reputedly referred to the strikersContinue reading “Strikes expand and continue in Yakima Valley”

Fruit industry workers go on a wave of strikes in the Yakima area

There has been a wave of strikes and job actions by largely Hispanic fruit packing house, winery, and other farm workers in the Yakima area. A 5-day strike at Allan Bros Winery in Naches won pay raises today. Workers at Roche Fruit Co. in Yakima won a pay raise on May 11. New strikes haveContinue reading “Fruit industry workers go on a wave of strikes in the Yakima area”

(Labor Notes) Safety: Bosses Want to Fix the Worker, Unions Want to Fix the Job

Unions and bosses have different outlooks on safety. Employers say illnesses and injuries are caused by worker carelessness: he didn’t wash his hands enough; she touched her face. That’s the way the boss wants you to think, too. But the union realizes that it’s the hazards themselves that cause injuries, and that it’s the bossContinue reading “(Labor Notes) Safety: Bosses Want to Fix the Worker, Unions Want to Fix the Job”

Noam Chomsky: Bosses Are Making Coronavirus ‘Worse, for Their Benefit’

“Well, first of all, we should recognize that unless we get to the roots of this pandemic, it’s going to recur, probably in worse form, simply because of the manipulations of the capitalist system which are trying to create circumstances in which it will be worse, for their benefit. We can see that in theContinue reading “Noam Chomsky: Bosses Are Making Coronavirus ‘Worse, for Their Benefit’”


IN BELLINGHAM February 29- March 1, 2020. 9AM-4PM both days. $10 donation requested at the door A two day workshop for workers gearing up to plan or help out with a union campaign on the job, whether formal or ‘guerilla style’. This workshop is taught by IWW’s certified trainers. It focuses on the IWW’s modelContinue reading “IWW’s ORGANIZER TRAINING 101”