Organizer Training in Bellingham



Whatcom-Skagit IWW is hosting a two-day organizing workshop. If you ever wanted to organize your fellow workers, or think you might try in the future, this is for you. It emphasizes direct action solidarity unionism over bureaucratic National Labor Relations Board procedures. All are invited to register [but no bosses!]

Register via the form below, or email us:

The training is spread over two full days. You can’t learn how to do everything in two days, but you can learn the basics and help avoid the kinds of mistakes that new workplace organizers tend to make. A handbook will be provided to record notes and fill in questions that are answered as the training progresses.

The training is designed to incorporate your real-life work situation to make it as realistic as possible and help tailor it to your needs. The point is to help you think through how to organize where you work. The tactics taught are based on successful IWW organizing work over the last decade in the US and abroad, and the training is constantly being adapted to incorporate the latest experiences of direct action organizing. Our trainers are coming from Seattle and Salt Lake City, and are experienced organizers.

Only people who register will receive the training site location. The training costs $5 for both days; for an extra $2 you get breakfast and lunch both days. Deadline is February 19.

Here is a testimonial from someone who took the course.

Register via this form:

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