Rebel Worker MOVIE NIGHT Feb 28

the-take-large-copy“THE TAKE”  A documentary by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis [2004]
Argentine workers expropriate shuttered shops and keep them going!
Thursday February 28

7 PM

Alternative Library’, 519 E. Maple [the ‘Karate Church’]
$5 recommended donation. Proceeds to IWW organizing projects

In 2004, workers throughout Argentina occupied and then expropriated factories, work shops, health clinics and small businesses. The International Monetary Fund had put the squeeze on the government to institute austerity, and many businesses laid off employees or shut down. Workers in several hundred places were not going to take this. In some instances, they broke into locked factories, turned on the machinery, and resumed production as worker coops. Some of these shops are still today under the control of the workers, and turning out ceramics, auto parts, and offering health care services. The movie follows the sequence of events at one of these factories.

After the movie [90 minutes] an IWW member will update us on the current situation. Then open up for discussion.

Popcorn provided. Bring your own drinks. NO ALCOHOL. We suggest you bring a pillow for the metal chairs, or your own comfy camp chair.


Organizing Committee, Whatcom-Skagit Industrial Workers of the World

for One Big Union of All Workers

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