Join the IWW

Do you meet all of the following conditions?

  • You are a worker (not an employer);red-card
  • You agree to abide by the IWW Constitution and regulations of this organization;
  • You agree to study the IWW’s principles and make yourself acquainted with its purposes.; and
  • You want to join us, then…

We want you! Join the IWW and help us create the One Big Union of all workers.

Join IWW by contacting a delegate- write to We have delegates in Bellingham, Mount Vernon, and on Whidbey Island. Or join on line at Our branch will be notified you did and a local delegate will contact you..

The Industrial Workers of the World is a membership organization. Monthly dues are determined by your income. All members have equal rights: election of officers, votes in meetings and union-wide referenda. Members who are in good standing (dues paid up and a member for a particular amount of time depending on the office) are eligible for office.

Dues structure:

  • Minimum Dues = $11.00 (US) per month – if you make less than $2,000.00 (US) per month;
  • Regular Dues = $22.00 (US) per month – if you make between $2,000.00-$3,500.00 (US) per month;
  • Maximum Dues = $33.00 (US) per month – if you make more than $3,500.00 (US) per month.
  • Initiation fee is payable only one time, and is equal to your dues.

Once you become a member of the IWW, you are expected to keep your membership dues current.  You must pay your dues to an IWW delegate, unless you opt into credit card payments on

Delegates are dues paying members of the IWW elected by their branch, shop, industrial union, or appointed “at large” where no IWW branch, shop, or local industrial union office currently exists. You may pay dues for as many months in advance as you wish.

The best way to maintain your dues is to stay in touch with a Bellingham IWW delegate.

Visit the Official IWW membership page to answer these questions:

(1) Why Join the IWW?

(2) Ready to Join the IWW Now?

(3) Do you have questions about your eligibility?

(4) hat you need to know about paying your dues.

(5) Are you located outside of the United States of America?

Your red IWW membership card with dues stamps is the ultimate record of your dues payments.

A Wobbly red card with dues stamps.
A Wobbly red card with dues stamps.

3 thoughts on “Join the IWW

  1. I am 73 years old and I want to join the IWW because I’ve never had a chance to join a Union and the IWW is the best.
    We are retired. My husband is blind. Is there a way a could join for reduced dues?


    1. Ms. Findley. There is a place for you in the IWW and we would love to have you, assuming you meet the qualifications above. there is a reduced rate of $6 for folks who are on a fixed income or unable to work. Please write us at for more information. Yours for the One Big Union, D. Tucker, Secretary, Whatcom-Skagit Branch, IWW


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