Photos from IWW picket in Seattle, June 15

P1040316Yesterday’s picket in front of the Grassroots Campaign Inc offices was impressive. Lots of Wobblies and some friends showed up in Fremont [ a Seattle neighborhood], including 4 from the Whatcom-Skagit IWW branch. We marched around on the narrow sidewalk, chanted, and sang rabble-rousin’ songs. IWW members in Industrial Union 650 won a union election this spring, but management is not negotiating. Similar pickets took place at the same time at GCI offices in New Orleans [the workers there just won an IWW union election], Raleigh-Durham, Boston and Denver. Stay tuned for updates. Info also posted on these facebook pages:

Whatcom Skagit IWW; IU650 at GCI

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IWW picket line in Seattle

GCI what we want.IWW members recently won a union election at the Seattle field office of Grassroots Campaigns Inc. The local management agreed to negotiate but corporate [in Boston] gave the word to bust the union. So much for ‘progressive’ liberal businesses. [That’s GCI’s own term.] The union held a 13-hour march on the boss Friday the 8th to get some immediate demands met, and were assured that their terms would be met. Then the workers found themselves locked out last weekend. The doors have been shut since.

June  14 was the first day of a mass picket out front. The picket will continue. ComeGCI picket Seattle June 14 2018 join in! Contact  the IWW IU650 shop at GCI via their Facebook page  IWW 650 at GCI Seattle or write to this blog for info.

Solidarity Forever!

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June 17: IWW meeting in Bellingham

So few of him, so many of usMonthly general meeting of Whatcom-Skagit IWW is Sunday June 17. All workers are welcome. An informal social begins at 5:30 [meet us, ask questions, pay dues]. The business meeting call to order is at 6:30. The meeting is not thrilling but if you are interested in IWW you can see how we do things. For location or to ask questions email

Follow our Facebook page Whatcom-Skagit IWWdisturbing_trend

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International Workers Day in Bellingham

All are invited to celebrate May Day on Tuesday, May 1. This is the International Labor Day. Bring food and stories to share. No alcohol, please. Kids welcome.

May Day FB Event Banner

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Intro to the IWW

disturbing_trendPublic presentation:


Sunday, July 9, 2017 at Bellingham’s Alternative Library.

519 W. Maple

6-8 PM


IWW members will explain what our union is all about, and help you decide if membership is right for you. Industrial Workers of the World is North America’s only revolutionary, specifically anti-capitalist union. We urge all workers [employed or not, students welcome] to come learn about our organization, and then, if convinced and ready to take out a Red Card as a member of the Wobblies. Learn how IWW members organize workplaces and society. Since 1905 our aim is ‘One Big Union’ with the workers in complete control of the workplace and economy. What do we mean by ‘Industrial’? Where is IWW organized in the world? How can organizing in the IWW help you get more control of your working situation? What does it cost to be a union member? What do you get from it? There will be plenty of opportunities for questions.

The event is posted on the Whatcom-Skagit IWW facebook page:

Questions? Write us:

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CWA Union STRIKES in Whatcom, Skagit Counties

PICKET LINE!!! Support STRIKING AT&T Workers in Bellingham.

Stand With Communications Workers of America (CWA)
Saturday and Sunday! [Thanks for the notice, Janet McK!]

Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21,
from 9 am to 7 pm during store hours:

4291 Meridian St, Bellingham

1820 S Burlington Blvd, Burlington

Communications Workers of America members across 36 states are fighting for a new contract with AT&T’s wireless department, “Mobility.” They took a strike vote and it begins today, Friday, May 19 at 3pm.

The strike is on!!!

Join the CWA members on their pickets.

Background info…/…/att-mobility-workers-dial-it

And more:…/strike-at-att-mobility
(this site doesn’t show Bellingham or Burlington picket lines, yet)

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IWW’s Rebel Worker Movie Night!

20-feet-from-stardom-by-getty1“20 FEET FROM STARDOM”

Tuesday, May 9, 7PM

Alternative Library, 519 E. Maple

$5 requested, but all welcome. Proceeds benefit IWW Organizing Fund and the Library.

The film is a documentary about the lives of the mostly black women who were the vocalists behind R&B and Rock’s greatest hits. They are largely uncredited, but if you love the music you know there voices very well. This film won best documentary Oscar in 2013. Great music and interviews. A must see. When this film played The Pickford it was held over. And over, and over, and over…..

There will be an IWW literature table. Open to all. No alcohol please.

Come meet the wobblies and have a fun and educational evening. If driving: PARKING IS TIGHT, so leave plenty of time to find a spot in the neighborhood.

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Picket in support of PeaceHealth Lab Workers. Friday Apr 14, 9-10:30 AM

VERY IMPORTANT 15352 rszpicket at corner of Ellis and Squalicum [near St. Joe’s entrance]

9-10:30 AM

Sorry for last minute, folks, we just found out. Lab workers union is meeting with PeaceHealth admin Friday AM over the plan to sell the labs to for-profit Quest Diagnostics megacorp. Need AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to show that the community cares about this and supports the lab workers whose jobs are on the line. Please come to the picket! We have big banners and signs but make your own! PLEASE SHARE WIDELY!!!


360-788-6300 ext 0 and say ‘Dale Zender’. Tell him you oppose the lab sale and for him to tell that to corporate HQ.

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PICKETS in support of Peace Health lab workers and their union

So few of him, so many of usIWW encourages you to help put public pressure on Peace Health to keep their labs open and not sell them to a California company with a terrible labor record. Join Peace Health workers and community members as we tell PeaceHealth administration



Tuesday March 28th 4:30-6 PM Corner of RR and Holly  with your signs and banners. IWW will have one large banner and a doxen or so red solidarity signs. MAKE YOUR OWN PICKET SIGNS. If enough of us come down, we can send some picketers up to RR and Chestnut to catch east-bound rush hour traffic.

Saturday, April 1  NOON: A big IWW- sponsored rally  at Opening Day of the Bellingham Farmer’s Market on Railroad Avenue.

More to come. Watch here or our facebook page [ Whatcom-Skagit IWW ] for dates and times

You can show solidarity at any time in front of any of the Peace Health labs.

Background: In February PeaceHealth announced they are selling their labs to Quest Diagnostics, the largest lab corporation in the U.S. Lab tests will be sent to Seattle and patients’ care may be affected because they will have to wait longer for results. Quest has a history of many questionable practices: defrauding taxpayers by overcharging Medicare and Medicaid, stifling competition from other labs, faulty lab tests, and discrimination against employees. Our community will be hurt by this sale as workers lose living wage jobs. Nearly 100 workers are impacted by the sale and will have to reapply for jobs with Quest, undoubtedly at lower wages and diminished benefits. And workers will lose the union they fought hard to create three years ago. THIS SALE IS UNNECESSARY–PeaceHealth is acting like a for-profit corporation, not the non-profit that they claim to be.

peacehealth labs near Bellingham, WA

Peacehealth Laboratories Cordata Main

Medical Laboratory·
4545 Cordata Pkwy ·(360) 788-6330
Medical Laboratory·
1100 Larrabee Ave ·(360) 788-6330
Medical Laboratory·
500 Birchwood Ave, #500b ·(360) 788-6330
Medical Laboratory
2075 Barkley Blvd ·(360) 788-6330
Medical Laboratory·
3001 Squalicum Pkwy, #130 ·(360) 788-6330


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April 1918: Trial of the Century

From Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, we have this passage to share with you:

“In early September 1917, Department of Justice agents made simultaneous raids on forty-eight IWW meeting halls across the country… 165 IWW leaders were arrested for conspiring to hinder the draft, encourage desertion… One hundred and one went on trial in April 1918; it lasted five months, the longest criminal trial in American history up to that time… One IWW man told the court:

‘You ask me why the I.W.W. is not patriotic to the Untied States. If you were a bum without a blanket; if you had left your wife and kids when you went west for a job, and had never located them since; if your job had never kept you long enough in a place to qualify  to vote; if you slept in a lousy, sour bunkhouse, and ate food just as rotten as they could give you and get by with it; if the deputy sheriffs shot your cooking cans full of holes and spilled your grub on the ground; if your wages were lowered on you when the bosses thought they had you down; if there was one law for Ford, Suhr, and Mooney, and another for Harry Thaw; if every person who represented law and order and the nation beat you up, railroaded you to jail, and the good Christian people cheered and told them to go to it, how in hell do you expect a man to be patriotic? This war is a business man’s war and we don’t see why we should go out and get shot in order to save the lovely state of affairs that we now enjoy.’

The jury found them all guilty. [Big Bill] Haywood jumped bail and fled to revolutionary Russia, where he remained until his death ten years later.” (pgs. 372-373)

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