Bellingham Starbucks Union Organizer Fired!


Sehome starbucks strike sign.
Gwen Williamson, on the right, at the Starbucks Workers United strike on November at the Sehome Starbucks.
On February 17th, Sehome Starbucks union organizer Gwen Williamson was cruelly fired by Starbucks bosses when she had to call out of work due to a housing emergency. This is an inhuman way to treat anyone, but we are gettng really used to this behavior from Starbucks Inc. There is a GoFundMe to try to alleviate some of her financial stress. Please share this link  however you feel is best to get the word out and help this worker out.
Here is Gwen’s account:
“Hello everyone, my name is Gwen. I have worked an accumulative 3 years at Starbucks as a Shift Supervisor, and over the past 5 months I’ve operated as the front runner for the Sehome Union. Recently, I went through an extremely difficult and financially/emotionally draining life change due to an apartment flood I experienced. My wife, pup, and I had to move from a variety of hotels and AirBnB’s, paying out of our own pocket while an inefficient property management company refused to adequately address our issues and concerns in a timely manner. They lied to us about there being no asbestos risk and put our health at risk in the process. Due to this event, I had to call out of several shifts and spend every waking moment looking for other short and long term living situations, and it was these callouts that Starbucks used as justification for firing me.
While still being in a deep, unstable hole of debt from the previous situation, a situation (Starbucks) management was well aware of, they decided that it was at this point that I should be removed from the company. As a trans woman who was already having her hours cut, I desperately relied on the health insurance offered through my employment, and now I have huge concerns about being able to afford basic necessities and bills on top of worrying about gender affirming care. My separation from the company was unjust, and it is evident that it was retaliatory since early on in the unionization process I was outed as the leader.
Please consider donating and/or spreading the word to help me stay afloat during two back to back critical life emergencies. I hope to be able to stay on top of bills and necessities long enough for Union lawyers to help me seek justice for this situation. Thank you.
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