Starbucks Workers United Strike in Bellingham

Shuts down three stores all weekend Union workers at Bellingham Starbucks stores at Sehome Village, Cordata, and Iowa & King struck all weekend, and kept the three stores closed. Pickets from other organizations, including IWW of course, showed up to add to the picket line. Starbucks corporate made no effort to open the stores. TheContinue reading “Starbucks Workers United Strike in Bellingham”


Students employed by Western Washington University have formed a new union, unionized as Western Academic Workers United, affiliated with the United Auto Workers. A large majority of graduate and undergraduate student employees who do research or instructional work filed for union recognition on December 2 with the Washington Public Employment Relations Commission. The Union hopesContinue reading “WWU STUDENT WORKERS FORM A UNION”

Know Your Rights: Washington Equal Pay and Opportunites Act

[This article is copied from the Seattle IWW web site.] The “Washington Equal Pay and Opportunities Act” went into effect on July 28, 2019. It states that when interviewing for a job: Your potential future boss can’t ask you how much money you make (or even how much you have made in the past) untilContinue reading “Know Your Rights: Washington Equal Pay and Opportunites Act”


Friends and fellow workers, The Whatcom-Skagit IWW branch is finally beginning to update our website at Many links lead to an outdated IWW website so we are fixing those. We will get back to regular blog posts. To learn more about the IWW in Northwest Washington write to us this cleverly disguised address bellinghamContinue reading “UPDATING THE BELLINGHAM IWW WEBSITE”

Teamsters in Bellingham vote to strike

If the workers at Bellingham Cold Storage do strike, IWW encourages you to show up and walk the picket line with them in Solidarity. The following was posted on “The Stand” with information from Teamsters Local 231: BELLINGHAM (June 15, 2021) — Teamsters Local 231 members at Bellingham Cold Storage (BCS) have voted unanimouslyContinue reading “Teamsters in Bellingham vote to strike”

Union loses at Amazon- one postmortem

There will surely be many analyses of why the Retail, Warehouse, and Distribution Workers Union [RWDSU] lost the union election at the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer Alabama. Here is one very insightful analysis of why RWDSU lost the union campaign in Bessemer. The mistakes made by this union are astonishing; things we learn on dayContinue reading “Union loses at Amazon- one postmortem”

Intro to the Industrial Workers of the World ( IWW )

Thursday January 5th. 7-8:30 PM. Public Market meeting room [behind Film is Truth counter] 1530 Cornwall, Bellingham Learn what about the Industrial Workers of the World [IWW; ‘Wobblies’]. We will have updates on IWW around the world. All workers in all types of work are invited to this presentation. Our union seeks to help workersContinue reading “Intro to the Industrial Workers of the World ( IWW )”