Know Your Rights: Washington Equal Pay and Opportunites Act

[This article is copied from the Seattle IWW web site.]

The “Washington Equal Pay and Opportunities Act” went into effect on July 28, 2019. It states that when interviewing for a job:

  • Your potential future boss can’t ask you how much money you make (or even how much you have made in the past) until after they have made you a job and compensation offer.
  • And, if the company you are interviewing at has 15 or more employees, and they offer you a job, your potential new boss has to tell you the minimum salary for the job if you ask.
  • If you already work at a company that has 15 or more employees, and you get a new position or promotion, your boss has to give you a pay range for your new position if you ask. Finally, your boss can’t stop you or your coworkers from discussing how much money you make.
  • If your boss, or potential future boss, violates this law, file a complaint with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. You can also sue the bastards for up to $5,000 plus interest, costs, and attorney’s fees.

You can find out more, and also get details on how to file a complaint, at the Washington Labor and Industries website:

Of course, if you really don’t want to worry about your workplace rights being violated, join the IWW and get organized!

Art by Carlos Cortez, Chicagp IWW

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