Union loses at Amazon- one postmortem

There will surely be many analyses of why the Retail, Warehouse, and Distribution Workers Union [RWDSU] lost the union election at the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer Alabama.

Here is one very insightful analysis of why RWDSU lost the union campaign in Bessemer. The mistakes made by this union are astonishing; things we learn on day 1 in the IWW Organizer Training 101. To think these were professional union organizers makes my heart sink.


It is a longish read but very revealing, and worth remembering these lessons- repeated over and over again by business unions.

It will be very interesting to hear what the IWW- influenced ‘Organizing Work’ Blog will say. I highly recommend taking out a free subscription at https://organizing.work/

This RWDSU sign says it in a nutshell- the ‘union’ apparently is not the workers, it is something external. This is a cardinal error and shows lack of a connection between organizers and workers in the plant. Were the organizers also the workers inside? No, in fact. another cardinal error.


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