Picket in support of PeaceHealth Lab Workers. Friday Apr 14, 9-10:30 AM

VERY IMPORTANT 15352 rszpicket at corner of Ellis and Squalicum [near St. Joe’s entrance]

9-10:30 AM

Sorry for last minute, folks, we just found out. Lab workers union is meeting with PeaceHealth admin Friday AM over the plan to sell the labs to for-profit Quest Diagnostics megacorp. Need AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to show that the community cares about this and supports the lab workers whose jobs are on the line. Please come to the picket! We have big banners and signs but make your own! PLEASE SHARE WIDELY!!!


360-788-6300 ext 0 and say ‘Dale Zender’. Tell him you oppose the lab sale and for him to tell that to corporate HQ.

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PICKETS in support of Peace Health lab workers and their union

So few of him, so many of usIWW encourages you to help put public pressure on Peace Health to keep their labs open and not sell them to a California company with a terrible labor record. Join Peace Health workers and community members as we tell PeaceHealth administration



Tuesday March 28th 4:30-6 PM Corner of RR and Holly  with your signs and banners. IWW will have one large banner and a doxen or so red solidarity signs. MAKE YOUR OWN PICKET SIGNS. If enough of us come down, we can send some picketers up to RR and Chestnut to catch east-bound rush hour traffic.

Saturday, April 1  NOON: A big IWW- sponsored rally  at Opening Day of the Bellingham Farmer’s Market on Railroad Avenue.

More to come. Watch here or our facebook page [ Whatcom-Skagit IWW ] for dates and times

You can show solidarity at any time in front of any of the Peace Health labs.

Background: In February PeaceHealth announced they are selling their labs to Quest Diagnostics, the largest lab corporation in the U.S. Lab tests will be sent to Seattle and patients’ care may be affected because they will have to wait longer for results. Quest has a history of many questionable practices: defrauding taxpayers by overcharging Medicare and Medicaid, stifling competition from other labs, faulty lab tests, and discrimination against employees. Our community will be hurt by this sale as workers lose living wage jobs. Nearly 100 workers are impacted by the sale and will have to reapply for jobs with Quest, undoubtedly at lower wages and diminished benefits. And workers will lose the union they fought hard to create three years ago. THIS SALE IS UNNECESSARY–PeaceHealth is acting like a for-profit corporation, not the non-profit that they claim to be.

peacehealth labs near Bellingham, WA

Peacehealth Laboratories Cordata Main

Medical Laboratory·
4545 Cordata Pkwy ·(360) 788-6330
Medical Laboratory·
1100 Larrabee Ave ·(360) 788-6330
Medical Laboratory·
500 Birchwood Ave, #500b ·(360) 788-6330
Medical Laboratory
2075 Barkley Blvd ·(360) 788-6330
Medical Laboratory·
3001 Squalicum Pkwy, #130 ·(360) 788-6330


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April 1918: Trial of the Century

From Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, we have this passage to share with you:

“In early September 1917, Department of Justice agents made simultaneous raids on forty-eight IWW meeting halls across the country… 165 IWW leaders were arrested for conspiring to hinder the draft, encourage desertion… One hundred and one went on trial in April 1918; it lasted five months, the longest criminal trial in American history up to that time… One IWW man told the court:

‘You ask me why the I.W.W. is not patriotic to the Untied States. If you were a bum without a blanket; if you had left your wife and kids when you went west for a job, and had never located them since; if your job had never kept you long enough in a place to qualify  to vote; if you slept in a lousy, sour bunkhouse, and ate food just as rotten as they could give you and get by with it; if the deputy sheriffs shot your cooking cans full of holes and spilled your grub on the ground; if your wages were lowered on you when the bosses thought they had you down; if there was one law for Ford, Suhr, and Mooney, and another for Harry Thaw; if every person who represented law and order and the nation beat you up, railroaded you to jail, and the good Christian people cheered and told them to go to it, how in hell do you expect a man to be patriotic? This war is a business man’s war and we don’t see why we should go out and get shot in order to save the lovely state of affairs that we now enjoy.’

The jury found them all guilty. [Big Bill] Haywood jumped bail and fled to revolutionary Russia, where he remained until his death ten years later.” (pgs. 372-373)

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Rebel Worker MOVIE NIGHT Feb 28

the-take-large-copy“THE TAKE”  A documentary by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis [2004]
Argentine workers expropriate shuttered shops and keep them going!
Thursday February 28

7 PM

Alternative Library’, 519 E. Maple [the ‘Karate Church’]
$5 recommended donation. Proceeds to IWW organizing projects

In 2004, workers throughout Argentina occupied and then expropriated factories, work shops, health clinics and small businesses. The International Monetary Fund had put the squeeze on the government to institute austerity, and many businesses laid off employees or shut down. Workers in several hundred places were not going to take this. In some instances, they broke into locked factories, turned on the machinery, and resumed production as worker coops. Some of these shops are still today under the control of the workers, and turning out ceramics, auto parts, and offering health care services. The movie follows the sequence of events at one of these factories.

After the movie [90 minutes] an IWW member will update us on the current situation. Then open up for discussion.

Popcorn provided. Bring your own drinks. NO ALCOHOL. We suggest you bring a pillow for the metal chairs, or your own comfy camp chair.


Organizing Committee, Whatcom-Skagit Industrial Workers of the World

for One Big Union of All Workers

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Organizer Training in Bellingham



Whatcom-Skagit IWW is hosting a two-day organizing workshop. If you ever wanted to organize your fellow workers, or think you might try in the future, this is for you. It emphasizes direct action solidarity unionism over bureaucratic National Labor Relations Board procedures. All are invited to register [but no bosses!]

Register via the form below, or email us: iwwbellingham@gmail.com

The training is spread over two full days. You can’t learn how to do everything in two days, but you can learn the basics and help avoid the kinds of mistakes that new workplace organizers tend to make. A handbook will be provided to record notes and fill in questions that are answered as the training progresses.

The training is designed to incorporate your real-life work situation to make it as realistic as possible and help tailor it to your needs. The point is to help you think through how to organize where you work. The tactics taught are based on successful IWW organizing work over the last decade in the US and abroad, and the training is constantly being adapted to incorporate the latest experiences of direct action organizing. Our trainers are coming from Seattle and Salt Lake City, and are experienced organizers.

Only people who register will receive the training site location. The training costs $5 for both days; for an extra $2 you get breakfast and lunch both days. Deadline is February 19.

Here is a testimonial from someone who took the course.

Register via this form:


“500” /]

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picket-sign-1Familias Unidas por la Justicia los invita a marchar con nosotros.

Familias Unidas por La Justicia Invites You to March With Us.

IWW members will march with our big red banner.

MARCH BEGINS in the corner of Fairhaven Ave & Burlington Blvd. in Burlington, WA 98233 and ENDS AT CITY HALL in downtown MT. VERNON. The full march is 7  miles. March the whole way, part way, or come for the rally at either end. THIS WILL BE VERY POWERFUL and LARGE. https://www.facebook.com/events/409732362695018/

We invite our Brothers and Sisters from all movements to join farmworkers in solidarity. Our struggles are not isolated.

Worker Rights and the rights of immigrants are under attack. With the new administration, we can expect things to get harder. What we know:

The appointed Secretary of Labor who is against raising the minimum wage and no overtime for workers.
The president has vowed to “build a wall” to divide our people and to further criminalize immigrants.
Programs such as DACA and DAPA will most likely be suspended leaving millions vulnerable to deportations.
The Guest Worker Program is set to expand drastically as well.
Environmental Protections that are supposed to protect workers and consumers will be taken away and further expose us to dangerous chemicals.

Our local economy in Skagit County is dependent on our labor. We want to show our community that we will not be silenced or intimidated. The only way to be safe is to organize.

Together we can come up with solutions and actions and make our community and workplace a safer one.


contact: iwwbellingham@gmail.com

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Intro to the Industrial Workers of the World ( IWW )

disturbing_trendThursday January 5th. 7-8:30 PM.

Public Market meeting room [behind Film is Truth counter]

1530 Cornwall, Bellingham

Learn what about the Industrial Workers of the World [IWW; ‘Wobblies’]. We will have updates on IWW around the world. All workers in all types of work are invited to this presentation. Our union seeks to help workers organize on the job and in the community, one-by one or as a group in a workplace. We are a member-controlled, dues paying union. Members will be present to explain their reasons for joining. We organize today for worker control of hours, wages, and work conditions, and in the long run for worker control of the workplace and the economy.

Discussion after. Delegates will be on hand to sign up new members.

  • Minimum Initiation ($11) + First Month’s Dues ($11) = $22 (US) – if you make less than $2,000.00 (US) per month;
  • Regular Initiation ($22) + First Month’s Dues ($22) = $44 (US) – if you make between $2,000.00-$3,500.00 (US) per month;
  • Maximum Initiation ($33) + First Month’s Dues ($33) = $66 (US) – if you make more than $3,500.00 (US) per month.
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We will be on the radio WEDNESDAY NOV 30, not today. Sorry.

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IWW on radio in Bellingham WEDNESDAY

Friends and fellow workers,

Two members of the Industrial Workers of the World from Bellingham will be interviewed live on the Joe Show, KBAI 930 AM, noon to 1 today [Wednesday]. Topic is the IWW’s attitude toward the election, though it will likely evolve into more of a discussion of IWW’s methods and goals.

It is a call in show so you can ask your own questions.

D. Tucker

Whatcom-Skagit IWW

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Official IWW response to US election

class-struggle-is-upon-youA message to the working class in the wake of the 2016 United States Presidential election from the General Executive Board of the Industrial Workers of the World

Official Statement – IWW General Executive Board, November 22, 2016

These are difficult times for the working class, times of struggle and hardship. The employing class controls more of the world’s wealth and power than ever before, and the divide between working people and our oppressors grows wider by the day.

It is important to remember that this is nothing new. The ruling class has been waging a war against the working class since the birth of capitalism. We, the workers of the world, continue to be exploited and abused, the value of our labor always falling into the boss’ pockets. While they rake in unprecedented profits, the employing class continues to damage our planet through the unsustainable and irresponsible extraction of natural resources. These vultures tell you that your disappointments, your failures, and your hardships are the fault of other working class people. People of different races, genders, nationalities, and religions. “Blame immigrants,” they say. “Blame blacks and Latinos,” they say. As we fight amongst ourselves, the ruling class celebrates in their gilded halls, making toasts to the disunity of the working class.

Many people in the working class sought out hope in the electoral system this year, confident that reason and compassion would hold the day. Many other people in the working class were motivated by bigotry. The electoral system is designed to disenfranchise all working people, to take their hopes and desires as mere suggestions rather than as concrete demands. Unions, which are supposed to fight for all working people, organized people to put their faith in fighting bigotry at the ballot box – and now they say they are “ready to work with” the representatives of bigotry and division.You are no doubt feeling disillusioned, fearful, and angry, and are ready to consider different ways of fighting back against our oppressors.

We, the Industrial Workers of the World, invite you to work with us in building a new kind of labor movement, one that refuses to play by the rules of the employing class. An approach where we no longer allow them to divide us along artificial lines of race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or religion. From housewives to factory workers to prisoners to office workers, we are all the working class, and it is our labor that creates all wealth. We can challenge the ruling class if we unite with each other, but that unity must start with defending the most oppressed and vulnerable groups among us first, for “an injury to one is an injury to all.” It is clear that there is a strong current of bigotry within the US working class, and we pledge to confront that head on in our organizing. We believe we can win workers away from bigotry if we show that we have a plan to win a better world. We must work towards the creation of a new world in the shell of the old, and the only way to do that is through organizing in our workplaces and in our communities.

The Industrial Workers of the World have been organizing working people for over 110 years, and our future as a revolutionary union is bright. Our approach is one of direct action. Instead of relying on elected officials and other intermediaries, we take the fight directly to our oppressors. We have been trailblazers in the modern labor movement, organizing fast food workers in Oregon, package handlers in Minnesota, entertainers and restaurant workers in New York, and prison laborers throughout the country, to name just a few. Our members have been at the forefront of resistance to police violence and the Dakota access pipeline. We have been working tirelessly to build a genuine and truly representative working class organization that can provide strength to working people, and we need your help.

If you have questions about exactly who we are and what we do, let’s talk. If you’re ready to organize and resist, join us and we will welcome you as fellow workers and fellow members of the working class. It is time to organize, it is time to fight back. Let’s make white supremacists, fascists, and other hate mongers fear our power. Our struggle will be long and it will be difficult, but we will win. Sign up for the One Big Union today, and let’s organize together in our workplaces and communities. Nothing is too good for the working class, and we want all the good things life has to offer.

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