Fruit industry workers go on a wave of strikes in the Yakima area

“Workers of the World Unite”. Striker at Allan Fruit Co, Naches, WA

There has been a wave of strikes and job actions by largely Hispanic fruit packing house, winery, and other farm workers in the Yakima area. A 5-day strike at Allan Bros Winery in Naches won pay raises today. Workers at Roche Fruit Co. in Yakima won a pay raise on May 11. New strikes have broken out in the past day or so at Jack Frost Fruit, a packing house in Yakima, and Matson Fruit in Selah. To support on the ground organizing in the area, contribute to
The strikes focus on hazard pay, general wage increases, enforcement of the State’s Covid-19 rules for workplaces, abusive supervisors, and care for workers who have tested positive for Covid-19. Union organizers from Familias Unidas por la Justicia have been on the scene and their facebook page and Twitter feed @FUJWashington is the best source for up-dates. More strikes are anticipated. Much of the media coverage to date has been in Spanish. Some links for English speakers are…/article_d4922408-84c1-5248-…
Whatcom-Skagit IWW stands in solidarity with these workers, and wishes Familias Unidas por la Justicia the greatest success in further union efforts.

Workers celebrate their victory at Roche Fruit Co. in Yakima. Photo courtesy El Sol de Yakima.
Strikers march in Selah.
Strike at Allan Fruit Co.
Strike at Allan Fruit.

2 thoughts on “Fruit industry workers go on a wave of strikes in the Yakima area

    1. Yes to fair wages- for now. But the IWW stands for abolition of the wage system in the long term, instead advocating for complete worker ownership and control and each workplace and industry. Then- no more wages, no more profits to bosses.


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