IWW cafe workers campaign in NYC continues

x29c97607f-a615-ed5c-1338b629eb2e58da-jpg-pagespeed-ic-e-iueoer1xThe famous Singing Servers and other restaurant workers at Ellen’s Stardust Diner continue their protest over illegal firings of union members. So far, 15 IWW members have been fired at the popular tourist destination just off Broadway. The organizing campaign of the Stardust Family United IWW union continues.


New management at Ellen’s decided to no longer 14369927_10153652224507126_1984134696211347100_nuphold a years-long agreement with restaurant staff. The cafe is famous with tourists for tne highly talented wait staff, who belt out Boradway hits at work. The understanding allowed staff to take a leave from work when they got short-term acting or singing roles. Suddenly returning food service workers were not rehired, and so far 15 have been fired for union organizing. Nightly song-filled protests take place outside the cafe, with much local and even political support- the latter rather unusual for an IWW campaign. It is expected that the new management will soon cave to the relentless union members, who draw large crowds away from the restaurant.

14232647_314020218950973_4757702637384003019_nThis is the face of the IWW. It is what the mainstream business unions need to become- youthful, modern, active, direct action, rank-and-file organizatons. The Stardust Family United union is classic IWW- run entirely by the cafe workers themselves. IWW has no paid organizers or union bureacrats. No one outside the cafe workers’ own IWW branch has any say in how those choose to fight their boss, or what their demands are.

Videos of the boisterous and musical rallies out side the cafe are posted frequently at the Stardust Family United facebook page. They are inspiring and well-worth checking out.

Support has been tremendous, and there has been a lot of publicity favorable to the union. Selections:







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