Picket to support WWU staff union

PSE Union picket on August 19.

Wednesday, August 31, 4-6  PM

Rally in front of Western Washington University offices
Herald Building, corner of Chestnut and State, Bellingham
Join members of Public School Employees [the classified staff at WWU] to show support for negotiations for a union contract. Bring signs supporting these workers, who truly make WWU function.

When an institution such as Western Washington University can affect the well-being of a community the size of Bellingham, when a great many of its 2200 employees and community members are not doing well economically with respect to the cost of living, in a city that now is the 4th most expensive city in Washington State to reside in… this becomes a problem for all. No one goes unaffected.

Please join us in support of our/your contracts.14955 GMB banner crop

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