IWW picket line in Seattle

GCI what we want.IWW members recently won a union election at the Seattle field office of Grassroots Campaigns Inc. The local management agreed to negotiate but corporate [in Boston] gave the word to bust the union. So much for ‘progressive’ liberal businesses. [That’s GCI’s own term.] The union held a 13-hour march on the boss Friday the 8th to get some immediate demands met, and were assured that their terms would be met. Then the workers found themselves locked out last weekend. The doors have been shut since.

June  14 was the first day of a mass picket out front. The picket will continue. ComeGCI picket Seattle June 14 2018 join in! Contact  the IWW IU650 shop at GCI via their Facebook page  IWW 650 at GCI Seattle or write to this blog for info.

Solidarity Forever!

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