Dont Mourn: Organize. Message from Swedish SAC to IWW

The election of Donald Trump sends ripples of fear and uncertainty around the world, and terror into the hearts of people who are his targets for hatred and discrimination: immigrants of all kinds, the LGBTQ community, Muslims, and minorities. Union-organized workers are expected to feel the heat, too, especially once his Supreme Court begins to erode long-standing union rights. However, Industrial Workers of the World sees this as a tremendous opportunity to


Today the IWW received this statement of solidarity from our fellow workers in the Swedish Workers Central Organization [IWW-equivalent in that country].


10 November 2016
Statement of solidarity from Sweden

Dear comrades of the IWW

The outcome of the US elections sent a shockwave through Europe and Sweden. Many people, not just our fellow Wobblies, feel worried and politically depressed and it’s hard to even imagine what the consequences of Trump’s presidency will be like for you. The future is looking dark, but we try to remind ourselves and our members that despair is not the answer – resistance, antifascism and solidarity is.

The SAC (Sweden’s Workers’ Centralorganization – The Syndicalists) hereby gives you, the IWW, our full support and solidarity. We feel confident that you will continue your great work in organizing the working people of the US, fighting racism, sexism, inequalities and defending worker’s rights as always. We know there is great power in a union – you give us hope of a brighter future.

Stay strong, stay together. If you ever wish to reach out to activists in Sweden, or if we can do anything to support you in your future struggles, don’t hesitate to contact us.

To all our American comrades: Don’t mourn – agitate, educate, organize!

In solidarity, SAC Syndikalisternafira-1-maj-med-sac-syndikalisterna_medium

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