Movie about IWW at Pickford Cinema, Oct 7 and 16

The Pickford Cinema in Bellingham will show “BISBEE ’17” about the deportation of over 1000 IWW miners from Bisbee Arizona in 1917 during “Doctober”. Heavily armed cops and Phelps-Dodge Corporation gun thugs rounded up union members and community supporters, loaded them onto boxcars, and dumped them without any provisions in the desert.  The film discusses the current residents of Bisbee who try to learn about their communities dark past, and who recreate the infamous deportation.Bisbee clipping


Sunday October 7, 6:45

Tuesday October 16, 4:45.

Whatcom-Skagit IWW has requested permission to give a very short intro, and to put up a literature table in the lobby.

Info on the movie is here:

Information on the deportation is here:


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