IWW Movie Night #2: Salt of theEarth

IWW REBEL WORKER MOVIE NIGHT SALT OF THE EARTH APRIL 16, 2016, 7 PM Garden St. Methodist Church, 1326 N. Garden     “Salt of the Earth” [1954] is one of the first movies to advance the feminist social and political point of view. Its plot centers on a long and difficult strike, based onContinue reading “IWW Movie Night #2: Salt of theEarth”

IWW Movie Night

PRIDE March 19, 7 PM Bellingham Alternative Library 929 State Street $2 “Pride” (2014, 2 hours)  London gays and lesbians raise funds to support  striking coal miners in Thatcher’s Britain. Based on a true story, the developing solidarity between the initially homophobic miners and the LGBTQ community is inspiring. This is the first in theContinue reading “IWW Movie Night”