Organizer Training 101 February 9-10

As most people who visit this website know, the IWW differs from both social activist groups and other labor unions in some very important ways.

We are not a social activist group, our agenda never takes place on a political platform, and taking to the streets will always be directed at a workplace.

Also, we are not like other labor unions. We do not rely on the NLRB or other third party systems to speak for us at our jobs.

What we rely on is our own actions and our own relationships with our coworkers to work for the things we need or want, and our agenda will always be to improve working conditions for everyone and to eliminate the wage system that degrades our working conditions.

Over time, the IWW has established a First Step towards becoming the kind of worker that help those goals, it’s the Organizer Training 101. It’s an eight hours a day-two day course in practicing solidarity and direct action. You learn how to gauge your coworkers reliability and enthusiasm, how to speak with the people around you effectively, different tools of direct action and organization, and the follow-through. There’s role playing, work shops, and two IWW-trained trainers to guide you so that you have what’s needed to go to work next week and start effecting change.

We are excited to host another one this weekend, February 9-10, from 9 am to 5 pm both days. We’re having a big group dinner Saturday night at a local restaurant, and coffee, breakfast, and lunch will be provided at the class.

It will take place at the ReSources library (2309 Meridian St) and will be guided by a trainer from Portland and one from our own branch.

You have until the 6th to register here:

We are so excited to host this training and to continue the goals of the One Big Union.

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