Intro to the IWW

disturbing_trendPublic presentation:


Sunday, July 9, 2017 at Bellingham’s Alternative Library.

519 W. Maple

6-8 PM


IWW members will explain what our union is all about, and help you decide if membership is right for you. Industrial Workers of the World is North America’s only revolutionary, specifically anti-capitalist union. We urge all workers [employed or not, students welcome] to come learn about our organization, and then, if convinced and ready to take out a Red Card as a member of the Wobblies. Learn how IWW members organize workplaces and society. Since 1905 our aim is ‘One Big Union’ with the workers in complete control of the workplace and economy. What do we mean by ‘Industrial’? Where is IWW organized in the world? How can organizing in the IWW help you get more control of your working situation? What does it cost to be a union member? What do you get from it? There will be plenty of opportunities for questions.

The event is posted on the Whatcom-Skagit IWW facebook page:

Questions? Write us:

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