Statewide Rent Moratorium Now!

The Whatcom-Skagit General Membership Branch endorses the call for a statewide rent moratorium put out by several chapters of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) in Washington State.

We need to suspend rents now! The Covid-19 situation is becoming both a housing crisis and a health crisis. Join us in tying up the Governor’s phone lines with a Phone Zap until he takes action on our demands.

What do we mean by phone zap? We will be calling in to the Governor’s office in shifts. If we get through to somebody, we will tell them our demands: suspend rents, enact Just Cause tenant protections, and use vacant property to house people experiencing homelessness. If we don’t get through, we keep calling. We will do this non-stop for an entire day.

This makes it different from the typical advocacy, in that it will put pressure on the Governor, and force him to acknowledge our demands.

Sign up here.