PICKETS in support of Peace Health lab workers and their union

IWW encourages you to help put public pressure on Peace Health to keep their labs open and not sell them to a California company with a terrible labor record. Join Peace Health workers and community members as we tell PeaceHealth administration DON’T SELL THE LABS.  KEEP UNION JOBS IN BELLINGHAM PICKETS Tuesday March 28th 4:30-6Continue reading “PICKETS in support of Peace Health lab workers and their union”

April 1918: Trial of the Century

From Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, we have this passage to share with you: “In early September 1917, Department of Justice agents made simultaneous raids on forty-eight IWW meeting halls across the country… 165 IWW leaders were arrested for conspiring to hinder the draft, encourage desertion… One hundred and one wentContinue reading “April 1918: Trial of the Century”